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Has your marriage relationship become unloving, uncaring or grown cold and distant? Is there little or no meaningful communication between you and your spouse? Perhaps you’ve even reached the point where you feel disappointed or disillusioned about your relationship. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Retrouvaille is a lifeline for hurting marriages!

If you are thinking of separation or divorce (maybe you have already gone your separate ways) but you want to reconcile and try again – Retrouvaille can help.

The French word ‘Retrouvaille’ simply translated means ‘Rediscovery’.

If you are searching for help, let Retrouvaille be that lifeline!

Retrouvaille is a three phase program designed to help and renew a marriage. This program is for couples who have less than an ideal marriage and are willing to put the past behind them. The Retrouvaille program will let you rediscover your relationship with your spouse in a new and positive way.

Marriage Weekend
April 5 – 7 2024 Edmonton

Our next weekend program is being offered April 5-7 2024 in Edmonton:

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We congratulate you on taking the first step towards healing your marriage!

Read more ABOUT US, more about OUR PROGRAM and read what people are saying about their Retrouvaille experience under TESTIMONIALS. Just so you know, every couple working in the Retrouvaille program is a volunteer so DONATIONS are welcome.

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